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Fire protection | Anti-flammable protection

Fire protection

Anti-flammable protection

Some types of engines and yachts require regular maintenance of pipe mechanics and therefore easy access to flanges and compensators.
Removable thermic insulation makes it possible to meet your needs while having optimum energy efficiency.

Fire insulation in accordance with the standards.

Our fixed thermal insulation products are compatible with the most sensitive environments. The components we use have successfully passed the rigorous testing of DGA's technical departments, and have been approved by Bureau Veritas and the American Bureau of Shipping and are installed in many buildings of the Navy, including a number of submarines.

Insulation boards Promaguard®.

Nous utilisons un système de protection incendie innovant. il s'agit de panneaux isolants microporeux: Promaguard®.

Quality and innovation

  • Light system
  • Flexible
  • incombustible
  • Thermic stability

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • Neutral and formulated without organic binder
  • Resistant to most chemicals

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